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Heather Harvey, M. Photog is a Master Photographer, award-winning and published photographer who specializes in creative and fine-art portraiture. Her studio, Heather Harvey Photography, is based in Arlington, Texas in the heart of the DFW Metroplex. Throughout her work one can see her love for people, her patience and kindness with children and families, and her passion for telling stories though her photography and artwork. Her ability to capture emotion and display artistic stories in her work are what her clients cherish most. In her own words Heather Harvey is, “just a girl who has been enormously blessed with living out my passion of telling stories and capturing moments of life through my photography.”

Heather is married to her best-friend and biggest fan, a mom to two gorgeous and full of life girls, and loves all the family time she can get. Her love for photography began as a child after receiving her very first camera, a 110 film, pink barbie camera with a shiny cube flash that sat perfectly on the top. Since then she has devoted hours and hours to education and practice to not only ensure a professional and fun experience but to be able to create a beautiful piece of art. Her observance of life and people mixed with her perfectionist personality, hours and hours of education, and endless days of practice has helped her in achieving and creating that perfect experience and image.

Whether in studio or on-location, Heather Harvey Photography captures couples, family, children, maternity, newborn, seniors, and other monumental moments or events. She also is known for her creative sessions such as her “Magical Visit with Santa”, “Digitally hand-painted fine art”, and “Custom Creative Sessions”.

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